Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hoping to Avoid a Primary Night Backslide.

After the dust settled on Saturday afternoon, with slave suitably chastened, we went back to a more normal routine. There was dinner with the Dowager Domme for her birthday on Saturday night, and a Sunday that featured a bike ride and some lolling about with the New York Times before Mistress indulged her slave with some mid-morning wake up sex. 

We did get a thoughtful comment yesterday from our anonymous local commenter, who has become such a student of the blog, I’m thinking he may be using it as a subject for a Masters’ degree. Here is what he had to say, in case you missed it:

The best thing about corrective action by one's Mistress or Master is that once it is done, the issue or cause for the corrective action is also done, at least until the infraction is repeated. This means that all transgressions are dealt with in the timely manner and are then considered closed action items. They are not brought up again and again, allowing the past to stay where it belongs promoting a sense of living for the moment and looking forward in a positive manner to the future. This promotes a healthy relationship as all contentious issues are put to rest in a timely manner.

Mick has now paid for his failure to serve Molly properly on the last two Tuesday election primaries. However, I must point out that there are several primaries to come, not to mention the Party Conventions this summer. Does anyone think that Mick will be able to control his appetite for following and participating in politics? I am sorry to say that I have some serious doubts. My money is on the probability that Mick will have a several sore bottom days between now and the General election in November resulting from getting lost in the election cycle moment and failing to serve Molly properly.

Anon, your observation is correct. A good, punitive physical correction – while painful at the time – is the best way to put to bed an incident (or multiple incidents) of misconduct.  Before Mistress learned this technique she could sulk for a while if Slave messed up, withholding her normally sunny personality as a form of punishment.  Now she seems to have learned that a good cropping can show me the error of my ways while allowing her to purge her own hurt feelings or discontent with me.  A “win win”, so to speak.

And tonight will be a test to see if her “correction” had the desired impact, as votes come in from the Indiana primary.  I'll be closely monitoring whether Ted "The Creepy Canadian" Cruz can reboot his fading campaign in Indiana. 

Let’s hope I don’t have a backslide. If so, it will be my backside that pays the price.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Slave's Comeuppance

After a couple of weeks of less than optimal service from her slave, it was just a matter of time before Mistress "cracked down".

Yesterday was the day when slave's time ran out.

Things started here as might a typical Saturday. Though Mistress had a breakfast meeting for a client, we were able to squeeze in some wake-up worship and what Mistress referred to as a "quickie". Rest assured, slave was pampered in ways that some of my comrades are not (thinking of you Terri, on that lonely, caged sabbatical).

But before we went our separate ways, Mistress had a warning / promise.

"Don't be gone too long, slave.  I have plans for you this afternoon."


I was back from some time with my cute grandsons by around 2 pm. That left time for an afternoon map, and nothing more on our agenda until a  7:30 pm dinner with the Dowager Domme and Mistress's sister.

So when we woke from our nap, there was still plenty of time in our afternoon. Mistress took full advantage.

"Get out my supplies, slave...."

I knew what she meant....her harness and it's important accessory. Along with a container of lube.

But as I was assembling the desired equipment, she had a second requirement.

"And get the riding crop too, slave....."


Once Mistress slid into her harness, she took full and decisive charge.

"On the bed, slave.... and in your position...."

I knew it was time to take my medicine, like a man ,  errrr, slave.....

Mistress explained why it was time for a much delayed punishment.

"You've been a little too fixated on politics and facebook when you get home from work slave....and not on serving ME....."

As the stinging blows rained down on my backside, I did a rather poor job of remaining still.

"Stop squirming slave.... it will just make things worse...."

And so it did.

But all well deserved punishments come to an end. and this one too.  Mistress swiftly moved onto pegging mode, lubricating her artificial appendage and sliding down onto my prone form and stinging ass.

Her aim was true.

Mistress took her time having her way with her submissive receptacle, and worked her way up to an impressive cum at my expense, finally coming to rest on top of me, short of breath but seemingly well satisfied.

Fortunately, she was more than happy to return the favor, though it took a little energy on my part to get out of the sub-zone.

 Rest assured my "punishment" had the desired affect of re-focusing my attention where it should be: pleasing Mistress!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Back to Basics

To get out of my cycle of malfunction and restore my reputation as  a devoted and productive slave, the best approach may be to focus on technique.  Sort of like this phase of the NFL Season, when teams hold "voluntary" workouts for players on the bubble to up their game. 

Rest assured, I will not be one of those prima donnas who stay home while trying to renegotiate their cushy contracts. I've dropped too many balls, and my "grade" surely has suffered. And all that time on the disabled list didn't help, did it.
Let's hope Mistress isn't impatient about my ability to get back to form, and considering drafting some hungry young buck to replace me.  I'm not quite ready to go out to pasture just yet! I hate to think that I could be relegated to mere household chores, like delivering the mail to Mistress, rather than also sharing in responsibility for her sexual satisfaction.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Slave Discovers His Need For Self-Correction

Yesterday we received a thoughtful comment from a local follower, who lists himself as “anonymous”. But I think we know who he is. Regardless of the source, it did provide some insight that Slave had missed with regard to two recent foul ups here – once when I forgot to worship, and then on Tuesday night when I attempted to worship in a preemptory fashion, without Mistress invitation. Here is the comment from yesterday:

Over the course of the last few weeks I have noticed that Mick and Molly have been struggling to find the balance between relaxation time and together time. For some people, this time is one and the same and therefore have no conflict in balancing between them. However, I see it as two distinct entities.
Relaxation time is the time for yourself to unwind from the daily grind and take a deep breath and let out the tension of the day. Molly has a many activities from which to choose from when needing to unwind. Reading and sunbathing tend to be her favorites, especially when done at the same time but one must not forget the biking and swimming. Mick has his own interests found in the political news cycle which is in overload due to the election year. Sometimes Mick can forget himself in this political passions as shown by his failure to worship before dinner the evening of the NY primary (see blog entry April 20, 2016) Make no mistake, everyone needs relaxation time and how we respect each other's need defines the relationship with your partner and makes together time that much more intense and special.
Here lies the conundrum in the contract. When is the right time for the slave to offer service to their Mistress or Master? Obviously, Mick does quite well when summoned and is very quick to meet the needs of Molly when called upon to do so. The challenge is finding the right timing to offer service to Molly without disrupting her relaxation time. Two consecutive Tuesday night primaries, with totally opposite actions by Mick, ended in a failure to serve Molly in a fashion to her liking.
When does a slave offer to serve? How does a slave know when to initiate the action? After all, it is the slaves duty to serve. Mick could use the help of the readers on this topic as he is running up a demerit tally that could result in several days of uncomfortable sitting.

Of course, our commenter is right. Both of those examples of “bad slave” behavior came on election days in this contentious and entertaining primary season. Apparently Slave’s obsession with the vagaries of the dual nomination contests has disrupted my sense of how best to serve Mistress.

Clearly the lesson here is to grovel more and worry about the election results less. I should certainly offer my services, but patiently wait for Mistress to indicate that she is ready to receive them.

Now that I am more conscious of my weak spot, hopefully I will be better able to anticipate a proclivity to fuck up on election or debate night, and self-correct.

If I don’t I have a feeling Mistress will take the “correction” into her own hands.