Monday, March 30, 2015

Cyber Security Breach

Mistress and slave had a pretty laid back weekend here in River City. We had plenty of sex - two a day Saturday, and the deployment of Mistress's favorite power tool Sunday morning as a special sexual condiment.

Mistress indulged her slave on Saturday night.

Rather than a night on the town, Mistress allowed her slave to stay home and watch his alma mater take on the college basketball equivalent of the DeathStar. Sadly, my team sputtered out in the final seconds, succumbing to the superior height and athletic skills of "student athletes" who will be headed to the NBA rather than calculus class once the tournament ends. The consolation prize for my guys is that they will at least end up with college degrees. 

Our idyllic weekend ran into a wrinkle Sunday afternoon, when Mistress's mother - the Dowager Domme - mentioned in a phone call that she was "getting your emails".


She even quoted a few emails between Mistress and her sister, and another friend, which contained some not un-typical grumbling about the Dowager Domme's indulgent shopping habits and sometimes authoritarian familial management style.

Mistress immediately wondered who else was getting her emails, which involve both her business and (very) personal stuff.

As the UCTMW Chief Technology Officer, I immediately went into trouble shooting mode.

"What device was she using?"

"Her Apple laptop...."

'Where is she accessing your emails on her computer...."

"She says there is a little icon on her screen, and when she clicks on it my emails show up....."

"Hmmmm..... Have you ever used her computer to log into your emails account?"

"....Oh Shit....yes..... at her office once. She needed me to check on I used her computer...."

I suggested that Mistress tell her nosy Mom to slide said icon into her trash, and then delete her trash.

She said she would.  But .... would she really do it, or keep her "back door" open into her daughter's world?

And what else might she have seen?

Thus began Mistress's damage control phase of this operation.

First she checked to see if any of those smutty emails between her and an MD who works with her Mother were still in her account.

"Thank God, slave. I must have deleted those."

"Good. But what about the WC? Or your other lovers?"

She went back to her account. Sure enough lots of smutty exchanges between her and the WC from a few years back. She clicked on one. A photo of a certain cock in its cage pops up....I didn't bother to ask why Mistress was sharing my caged cock with the WC.....Oops.  Did Dowager Domme nose her way into that? Or to those photos of Mistress clean shaven folds and special occasion cocks that she and the WC were known to exchange, back in the days of their cyber taunts and teasing?

"Let's hope she wasn't that curious, Mistress....."

Her CTO quickly suggested another remedy.

"Let's change your password..... then even if she doesn't delete her back door, she won't be able to pry it open again....

After some more scrambling, we successfully altered the keys to Mistress's secret stash of cock shots de jour.

In the meantime, Mistress was contemplating whether to tell her sister that the Dowager Domme was now privy to their sibling grumblings. And Slave was wondering whether to send a letter to some advice columnist about what you do when your Mother-in-law snoops into your wife's email account.

For once, Mistress was feeling a little sisterhood with Hillary Clinton.

"Maybe you need your own private server like her and Bill, Mistress."

In my day, all I had to worry about was whether my mom was picking up the phone and listening to my romantic discourse with a home town honey.

Now you have to worry about Mom hijacking your email account?

Where will it end?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cum Counting

Mistress and Slave hit the ground running here in River City after our lascivious "spring break" at our SW hideaway. We both had a lot of work to catch up with, and clients with pent up demand for our attention. And then there was Mistress's lover Jay.

"I think he missed me Slave...."

They had a (sadly) nookie free lunch on Thursday, just to catch up, but I understand they have some more intimate plans to get together next week.

But don't feel too sorry for us.  We have been able to make time for some robust wake-up sex these last few days, and Mistress enjoyed some end of work day worship last night before Slave whipped up dinner.

This brings me to the primary topic of today's blog, a posting by Terri over at "A Married Sissy Cuckold".  Terri has an assigned task everyday: to update a log of orgasms for himself and his dominant wife Diane that he shares with Diane and her lover Paul.  Of course, since Terri spends a lot more time on his chastity device than this pampered house slave, he lags far behind Diane. But what seemed odd to me was that Diane had only 14 orgasms in the prior 21 days according to one of Terri's recent posts.

It made me wonder if Paul was placing some restrictions on Diane's orgasms that Terri had not mentioned in earlier blogs about their cuckoldry.  It's something that Mistress and I have engaged in a little fantasy discussion about in the past. And I can remember a few times, back when Mistress and the WC had their cyber/phone sex thing going,  when the WC would impose a 24 hour or so orgasm moratorium on Mistress in advance of one of their "dates". It was actually pretty hot, particularly if Mistress allowed me to take my own pleasure in those clean shaven folds, while saying "now don't make me cum, Slave...."

But with those rare exceptions, Mistress is a veritable orgasm machine, as Terri suggests in his blog.
It's usually two a day for her: wake up sex in the morning, and maybe an evening or afternoon copulation or worship, depending on Slave's own energy level and Mistress's desires. 

Of courses there are occasional exceptions.  I probably earned a punishment on Thursday when I forgot to offer to worship at the end of the workday.  (In my defense, I must mention that at the end of the day Thursday, Mistress did mention she was hungry, so my "kitchen slave" instincts kicked in more quickly than usual). Once in a while there may be a business trip or very early engagement that will disrupt our routine. As an example,  every other Monday morning, Mistress has an 8 am meeting out in the ex-urbs that requires her to get up way too early.

Or there may be a business trip one of us takes. On those occasions Mistress may have to resort to her power tool. Or lover Jay, or a "side-dish" like K.

As I say, Mistress makes sure to take good care of those carnal urges. A day without an orgasm is a wasted day, after all.

Use 'em or lose 'em.

In Terri's blog he mentioned that Diane has a job which can sometimes interfere with regular cumming.

Mistress giggled at that ---

"Hey, I work too, Slave."

That she does. And part of my job as her devoted slave is to offer some "relaxation therapy" to a hard working Mistress at the end of each busy work day.

Terri, it may be time to pick up your game.....

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Meanwhile, Back In River City

Sadly, the sun set on our 2015 ski season Tuesday.

It was one of those seasons where we somehow caught the good weather karma, avoiding the bitter cold that sometimes descends for a week or two on our favorite ski hill.  Instead we got plenty of sun, and a tad of slush in this last week of our season.

After we took our daily quota of runs, we headed back to our hideaway, giving Mistress a final afternoon of intense high desert sunshine before our return to the soggy heartland.

Fortunately, there was plenty of time left after Mistress's sun session for a nap, and then the last of our holiday "two-a-days". After I had a chance to worship Mistress's clean shaven folds, she exercised her right to have a little more fun.

"I'm going to ride my cock now, Slave...."

And ride she did, to at least one more cum before her loyal Slave took his own pleasure.

That evening we drove back up the mountain for a lively music session, where locals and out-of-towners mingled in an ageless old rathskellar, dancing their Tuesday night away. It was a great way for us to cling to the fading ski season for one last night.

On the plane ride home yesterday, we resignedly made plans for a few months of heartland dreary. At least the temperatures have finally warmed, the gray remnants of all that snow finally seem to have melted, and there were some flowers poking up through our brown yard when we pulled into the drive.

And Mistress at least has the arms of her lover Jay to console her.

"Jay seems happy I'm headed home Slave....when I texted that I was heading East he asked 'when are you going to come see me?'"

So at least there are some benefits in re-establishing our hometown routines.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sun Addict

After another idyllic day on sun drenched slopes, Slave dropped Mistress off at our house, then drove into town to pick up some provisions for dinners at home for our last two nights here. Although there are some lovely local restaurants, we did lots of that when our daughter was here. And there's nothing better than enjoying our dramatic sunset, enjoying a meal here together, then hunkering down in front of the fireplace.

I picked up a roasted chicken and some other goodies, and headed back to our little hideaway.  Guess who I found on our patio enjoying some late afternoon sun?