Friday, April 24, 2015

Mistress Fills Her Weekend Dance Card

Slave is heading off to the east coast for a few days on Saturday morning. I will be visiting one of my older daughters, and attending a conference in the City of Brotherly Love.  While I'm hunting down cheese steaks, Poor Mistress will be left to her own devices (including the hitachi?) while I'm gone.

 How will she handle the loss of my food preparation efforts?

Or my more... intimate.... services?

Mistress has been working on that.

"So Jay is really going to spend the night here Saturday night, Slave."

"Well I'm glad to hear that, Mistress. I wouldn't want our bed to be chilly while I'm gone."

In fact, Slave feels much better knowing she will be in good hands and well fucked when I'm not here to perform my marital (and contractual) duties.

We talked about what happens if they are out to dinner in the neighborhood Saturday evening, and run into some of our friends. We agreed that they would avoid any PDA's and have a "cover story" for any curious friends wondering where devoted hubby is while Mistress dines out with this "other guy".

Of course, honesty may be the best policy.  How about: "Mick is away, so it's a chance to spend some quality time with my 'side-dish'."

Mistress did remark on the unusual nature of her Saturday night plans. In the past she's spent the night at Jay's house. But he's rarely spent the night here....

"It will be a little odd with him here overnight and you not in the other bedroom, Slave...."

Honestly, I couldn't tell you which scenario is odder -- Slave in the kid's room while Mistress sleeps with her lover, or Slave out of town while Mistress sleeps with her lover. But either one is hot, don't you think?

At least Slave will know that Mistress is well taken care of, and adding to that cum count, even while I am off on my brief tour of Jersey and Philly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cum and Go

Mistress was a little harried yesterday. 

After some wake-up sex in the UCTMW Executive Suite she had a series of meetings all about town, and a big traffic accident that shut down the expressway made it all the more complicated.

"Jay wanted me to come by at lunch time --- he must miss me slave -- but I told him there was no way."

Poor Mistress.

It's not like her to pass up a nooner.

At the end of the day, we had plans to take one of my clients out for dinner at a swanky new downtown restaurant.

Fortunately, Mistress made it to my office with just enough time for a little "stress relief".

She had some rather kinky shoes on, and was able to slither out of her black panties for me. All Slave could do was kneel and get to work.

The resulting cum seemed to take the edge off a busy day for her. Then it was off to dinner.  I doubt our guest was able to detect the scent of Mistress's musky juices that covered my face.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Flash Back Tuesday

Last night my laptop downloaded some new software from Apple, including a new "Photos" app. Poking into it's new features, I was confronted by a collection of photos that would overstuff my current 20MB "cloud". Should I delete some of these old photos, I asked myself? 

Poking into a few of the dozens of "albums" I started stumbling across all those photos I've snapped of Mistress in various states of dress (or undress). It made me wonder whether I really want all those photos in the "cloud". And also, what happens to a digital photo collection once someone "moves on" (either to a new computer, or to the hereafter).  If our currently cute co-eds ever have to sort through the junk that there dearly departed Dad or Mom have left behind, will it include pictures of "mommy" sunbathing in the nude, or tied to a bed with an hitachi at the ready?

I deleted a few of the redundant shots, but it just seems wrong to  relegate to the cyber trash bin some of the more alluring photos of Mistress we have shared with our readers over the years. So maybe we need occasional "flashbacks" to stoke our mutual prurient interests?

Here is one to share, Mistress primping before we headed to our one and only dungeon outing with Aisha, down river from River City.  It may not be tights season now, but one can fantasize!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Catching Up for Lost Time.

When Slave pulled into our driveway Friday afternoon, Mistress was home from her "nooner" with her lover, Jay. I found her in our side yard, catching some sun while participating in a call with a client. She was in shorts and a sports bra, ready for our planned late afternoon bike ride. Although I was certainly desperate for some sexual release, I was also desperate for some exercise after three days of too much sitting on my aging ass. Mistress had decreed that there would be some exercise before nookie. And Mistress knows best!

After a nice ride on a warm sunny Friday afternoon, we soon found ourselves in bed. Mistress considered showering first, but then that would deny her Slave the chance to savor all the accumulated flavors of her busy day.

Mistress was certainly "ripe" as her slave settled in betwixt her firm but smooth and sensuous thighs for some much delayed worship. And as I applied my eager lips to their task, she filled me in on some details of her time in the sack with Jay earlier in the afternoon.

"I guess you could say it was pretty typical Slave.....lots of oral, both ways, lots of cock riding, and of course him standing at the side of the bed and fucking me with my legs up..... I guess you could call it a quickie, but with Jay an hour is 'quick'....."

In the meantime, my tastebuds were certainly picking up the tell tale residue of all that fucking ... a salty, creamy concoction that was blended together as Mistress enjoyed what must have been at least 4 or 5 cums just a few hours earlier.

Of course I was happy to add at least one or more to her count before she finally allowed her slave to let loose in what seemed like a rather explosive discharge of all that pent up sexual energy.  Three days is a long time for this pampered house slave.

"Boy, you were horny, weren't you, Slave?"

No doubt.

Since Friday afternoon, we've been catching up for lost time, with some energetic wake up sex before we took another bike ride, and then some late afternoon fun after a day out in our yard.

There's no place like home!