Friday, May 29, 2015

Mistress's Mid-Day Daliance

With our cute Co-Eds hovering a little too closely, sometimes it's nice to get out of the house. Slave has his office to find a little solitude, though my work load has been a little too intense for any relaxation there.

Mistress has been pretty work focused too, but it was therapeutic to have a long lunch break away from the house yesterday, in the arms (and bed) of her lover Jay.

She mentioned earlier in the week that she had penciled off a few hours on Thursday for some extracurricular fun.

"It's hard to find the time, Slave.... but I know Jay's been missing me."

"Who could blame him, Mistress?"

Yesterday morning we had our traditional robust wake-up sex before slave headed for work. (I guess I'm very fortunate that Jay is not one of those cuckolders who "embargoes" his lover's folds before they get together.)  Hopefully my attention was a nice appetizer for Mistress before her main course at lunch time.

Mistress called me at work at around 11 am - headed to Trader Joe's to pick up some treats for Jay to make sure he did not run out of energy, I suppose.  Although it sounds like that is not a typical problem. 

Around 3 pm Mistress let called again, to let me know she was heading to an afternoon work meeting, her itch having been fully scratched.

"How was it, Mistress?"

"Ohhhh.....very hot.  And intense.  He did miss me....."

Before dinner, Mistress spread her legs on our bed to allow Slave to savor the sweet, savory and  salty flavors that had accumulated amongst those fully utilized folds and gave me a more complete description of her lunch break.

"There was lots of cock riding, and him fucking me against the side of the bed, Slave.... and him doing what you are doing right now, Slave...."

Hopefully the additional cum I provided was a suitable dessert for Mistress to cap off her day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Does Amazon Know?

Mistress and Slave were fooled again yesterday. Of course, there was the traditional wake-up sex.  Then Mistress phoned me at lunch time, and let me know that our sweet little daughters had an appointment with a photographer that Mistress had made for 5 pm.

"That means we will have an hour or two at home alone, Slave."

I could see her eyebrow lifting suggestively. Could there be back to back double headers on Slave's dance card?

I headed home a little early in the midst of late afternoon thunderstorms, anticipating a briefly empty nest. But when I pulled up the driveway, there were a full complement of cars in the driveway.

Inside the front door I encountered Mistress, who was in a short nightie. But looking a tad crestfallen.

"I didn't have the heart to tell you slave. But there appointment got moved because of the weather."

Foiled again.

But at least Mistress got some pre-dinner worship, if not the full monty of Slave's devotion.

But the focus of today's blog is not our over crowded nest, but annoying on line data collection.

According to Rand Paul, we need to be all worked up about the NSA and it's vacuuming up of all of the telephone calls we make. But personally, I'm not so worried about the gubmint knowing who I've called on my cell phone. This ol' slave has nothing to hide on that front.

What's much more annoying is all that data that corporations like Google and Amazon seem to aggregate and exploit in order to pitch me things that they think I will be tempted to buy once it pops up on my screen or in my mailbox. I'm not so sure what picture their choices for me paint.


Yesterday I got an email from Amazon with the latest selection of things that might prompt Mick to press the "buy with one click" button.

The first item on the list was a steel "grab bar" for my bathroom. Apparently Amazon thinks that this aging slave no longer can keep his feet under him and needs something to hold onto in the shower. Nice. Don't think I'm over the hill yet. (Maybe they were keying off some things I've bought for my aging Mom lately?)

But the next item on yesterday's Amazon pitch list was particularly un-nerving: An "Electronic Studfinder".

Do you think Amazon has cross-referenced my blog entries here, my kindle browsing, and / instagram entries to determine that one of my most important jobs is to find studs to entertain and stimulate Mistress?


Plus I'm trying to figure out how this device works.  Is it like a gieger-counter, that you switch on at a bar or restaurant that clicks like crazy the closer you get to an available stud?

Maybe I should hit that "one click buy" button to find out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Slave Exceeds Expectations

Mistress and Slave aren't typically in town for one of these three day weekends. So having that extra day at home was a rare and enjoyable treat, even with the nest a bit too infested for extracurricular activities with Mistress's sidedish.

We did find some "just the two of us" time at a corner of our swim club that opened over the weekend. That's where I surreptitiously grabbed this photo of Mistress's firm ass and muscular legs for your amusement.
On Monday, our "bonus" day, it was a little rainy here. So we lounged in bed a bit longer, enjoying some furtive wake-up sex with Joni Mitchell providing some sonic cover from curious ears on the other side of our bed room wall.

After our time in bed, Slave spent some time with my cute grand kids, and then visited my grumpy mother. But by 4 pm or so we found ourselves back in the UCTMW Executive Suite. There was time for a nap before a dinner engagement with friends. When Mistress woke up, I offered to worship, an proposal that is rarely rejected.

"Of course, Slave.... I was wondering when you would ask."

I went on task, plying Mistress's clean shaven folds with my eager and skilled tongue until she quietly but persuasively evidenced her satisfaction. 

That's when I made my (apparently) unexpected request.

"Can I fuck you now, Mistress?"

"WOW, Slave....."

Apparently Mistress did not anticipate that her moldering house slave would be up to a double header on the third day of a three day weekend.

It's good to know that I can still exceed expectations.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Science Sunday: Do Our Genes Make Us Do It?

Mistress and Slave continue our efforts to find a little privacy as we cope with our newly crowded house.  Sex in the morning, before we hear our little “Divas in training” up and about is one way.  Then yesterday, before Mistress headed to our swim club, and I went to stop by to check out my grandkids, we discovered that our kids had suddenly disappeared.  I was able to coax Mistress into a few moments of worship before she went on her “sun worship” mission.

“Do you mind just sliding my bathing suit aside, Slave…..”

“Of course not, Mistress….”

For once she did not have to suppress those little sounds of delight as I went about my business.

But today’s entry has a higher purpose than simply the play-by-play from here in our re-infested nest. I am reporting on an intriguing summary of recent scientific research that suggests there may be a genetic explanation for a woman’s impulse to cuckold her mate.  In this morning’s NY Times there is an opinion piece (Infidelity Lurks in Our Genes) by science writer Richard Friedman about how genes may pre-determine what he describes as “infidelity”, but presumably also incorporates the contractual right to enjoy the company of an occasional “side dish” that Mistress enjoys.

We have long known that men have a genetic, evolutionary impulse to cheat, because that increases the odds of having more of their offspring in the world.
But now there is intriguing new research showing that some women, too, are biologically inclined to wander, although not for clear evolutionary benefits. Women who carry certain variants of the vasopressin receptor gene are much more likely to engage in “extra pair bonding,” the scientific euphemism for sexual infidelity.
Brendan P. Zietsch, a psychologist at the University of Queensland, Australia, has tried to determine whether some people are just more inclined toward infidelity. In a study of nearly 7,400 Finnish twins and their siblings who had all been in a relationship for at least one year, Dr. Zietsch looked at the link between promiscuity and specific variants of vasopressin and oxytocin receptor genes. Vasopressin is a hormone that has powerful effects on social behaviors like trust, empathy and sexual bonding in humans and other animals. So it makes sense that mutations in the vasopressin receptor gene — which can alter its function — could affect human sexual behavior.

He found that 9.8 percent of men and 6.4 percent of women reported that they had two or more sexual partners in the previous year. His study, published last year in Evolution and Human Behavior, found a significant association between five different variants of the vasopressin gene and infidelity in women only and no relationship between the oxytocin genes and sexual behavior for either sex. That was impressive: Forty percent of the variation in promiscuous behavior in women could be attributed to genes. That is surprising since, as Dr. Zietsch points out, there are so many other factors that are necessary for promiscuous encounters, like circumstance and the availability of a willing and able partner. Although this is the largest and best study on this, it’s not clear why there was no relationship between the vasopressin gene and promiscuous behavior in men.

The article goes onto describe tests conducted on two variations of the vole “family” that may confirm this genetic impulse to stray from the marital bed. It turns out that Montane Voles are prone to have a wandering eye, while Prairie Voles are relatively monogamous. Until the evil scientist begins his experiment:

In the monogamous prairie voles, the vasopressin receptors are close to the brain’s reward center, but in the philandering montane voles, these same receptors are mostly found in the amygdala, a brain region that is critical to processing anxiety and fear.
So mating for the prairie voles activates the pleasurable reward pathway, which reinforces mating and promotes attachment and thus monogamy. For the promiscuous montane voles, sex has little effect on attachment; any vole will do.
It is even possible experimentally to take a home-wrecking montane vole and make him behave like a family-oriented prairie vole. Using a virus as a delivery vehicle to transmit the vasopressin receptor gene, it’s easy to artificially boost the number of vasopressin receptors in the brain’s reward center, and make a male vole behave monogamously. The story for female voles is similar except that it is oxytocin, not vasopressin, that triggers monogamous behavior.

Of course, all of this potential for genetic manipulation has Slave’s imagination running wild:

1)  Could you make a potential spouse undergo a genetic test to calculate the likelihood that they would or would not take up with other lovers during the course of a marriage?
2)   If you feared a spouse was “cheating” could you order up a cocktail of “vasopressin” or “oxytocin” to get them back in line?
3)   And, even more deviously, suppose your wife had her eye on some guy who was married and annoyingly anonymous.  Could you spike his drink with a batch of genetic material that would make him more likely to loose his inhibitions?

All of this also made Slave wonder if there is a genetic explanation for what makes Slave enjoy it when his hot Mistress falls into the arms of another guy.  Do you think male Montane Voles get off when their female mate reports back on her encounter with another male Montane Vole? I guess I should have taken more science classes in college.