Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mistress's Mercy Mission

Mistress spent a very "athletic" lunch time with her lover Jay on Wednesday.

Jay's home is about a 20 minute drive from our house. And because of his child care duties, and his (alleged) allergy to our cats, Mistress has to visit him when they get together for some day time nooky.

She gave me a call at my office on her drive home.

"He was pretty 'pent up' Slave.... he claims he hadn't had any sex...even masturbating since I saw him two weeks ago...."

Slave was a little suspect about that, but I suppose it's conceivable.

"You're like one of those Meals on Wheels do gooders Mistress.... But it would be "Clean Shaven Folds on Wheels' in this case,"

Home from work around 6 pm,   I settled in betwixt her strong and supple thighs for some after action worship.  As I worked those well used folds with my lips and tongue, Mistress described their naughty daring do in a little more detail.

"He was really into me sucking his cock today, Slave..... and fucking me while I was perched on the side of his bed."

After all that activity, it was no surprise that Mistress deferred her Slave's own chance for indulgence until this morning. And I am certainly looking forward to the opportunity.

As it turns out, Mistress may have another twofer today, at lunch time here at the UCTMW World HQ.

"K says he may stop by Slave.... but you never know .... ."

It never hurts to keep the practice squad ready for some game action. And at least Mistress won't have to make another house call.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ohhhh, Canada!!!?!!

Mistress is getting back in the cuckold saddle today with a lunch time date with her lover Jay....

"I think he's missed me Slave....."

"I'm sure he has, Mistress.... I know I did."

Slave will be dodging cage protocols today, because I am riding my bike to work. But I must say I will be tuned into Mistress's lunch time activity, with or without her work-a-day cock on lockdown.

And it's certainly a good thing that Mistress will allow me some indulgence of my own this morning before I head to work and she primps for her lunchtime date.  SO it will be another "two-fer" day for Mistress.

Stepping out of River City, it was interesting to follow developments in the great north this week. I'm not talking about the tragic introduction of Canadians to the all too American story of whack job with a gun he shouldn't have. Down here we are jaded to that sort of story. Let's hope our northern neighbors don't get as used to those stories as we are.

No, my reference is to the "sex scandal" surrounding the sudden departure of "Q" radio host Gian Ghomeshi based on allegations of BDSM hijinks.   Here is a link to some of the coverage.

His radio show is on the air in the evenings in River City. I for one find his hipster vocal stylings  too cloyingly cool by half. Mistress's public radio pals have met him at trade shows and described him as "hot, hot, hot". But somehow I suspect they didn't traipse off with him for a night of kinky fun.

This appears to be one of those stories where the truth comes somewhere between the accounts of the accusers of non-consensual assault, and the hipster radio Dom's way too TMI facebook explanation that it was all just watered down "50 Shades" fun.

Certainly in the USA, home of Howard Sterne,  this guy would find another radio gig somewhere else, and get even higher ratings. Will he really vanish into the ether up in the Great White North? And will Dudley Do-right of the RCMP investigate further and charge him with assault for an errant spanking or two?

It made me wonder if one of our kinky Canadian blogger friends, who has reverted to writing about cookie recipes, and cranky work colleagues had ever had a run in with Gian, either IRL or in her vivid fantasy life?

Fury, what's your take?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mistress Gets the Switch Treatment

Mistress returned from her trip to the West Coast on Saturday evening, much to her devoted Slave's relief. It was cold and lonely in the UCTMW Executive Suite without her warm and compelling body by my side. Rest assured that she received the full worship treatment Saturday evening, and she claimed that it was her first cum since leaving town on Tuesday.

"My folds may have needed a break, Slave.... it was a pretty busy couple of weeks before I left town."

On Sunday morning, I exercised my weekly "switch" privileges. "Use them or lose them", is my motto. Mistress was a little reluctant to allow me to strap those red cuffs to her wrists. But she indulged me, and allowed me to roll her onto her tummy, then fix her wrists to spread her arms to both sides of the bed.

A little tickling and cuddling ensured before I pulled out Mistress's favorite power tool, and slid it between those lovely thighs, pressing it against those needy folds.

Much squirming and moaning ensued before Mistress asked her Slave for permission to cum.

I guess I could have teased and denied a bit longer.  But Slave is a pushover, of course, and indulged Mistress. 

After the resulting fireworks, Slave released Mistress's wrists, and took full advantage of the compelling body splayed before me.

While her temporary lifiting of the "no touch" rule last week provided some temporary diversions, there is no place like home for Mistress's work-a-day cock betwixt her clean shaven folds.

Now that she is back, and we are getting back into our more typical groove, Mistress also has her needy lovers to consider in her plans.

"K says he's coming over for "lunch" on Thursday, Slave...."

"I suspect he will be eating more than cheese and crackers Mistress."

"And Jay wants me to come over to his house at lunch time on Friday."

Sounds like Slave has some cage time to anticipate later in the week.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lonely Slave

Mistress has been gone since Tuesday, and even though I was allowed to suspend the "no touch" rule for two evening during her absence (in return for cock shots), there is no replacement for her silken and welcoming clean shaven folds.

There was one day in the cage, Thursday, when I did not ride my bike to work. It was a tight reminder of her authority in this relationship.  But, mercifully,  she sprung me loose when I got home.  That reminded us both that the cage had been sitting on my dresser when our cleaning guy came on Monday.  He must have carefully dusted around it, like the watch, keys, loose change, and other clutter he carefully restores to order on his biweekly visits.

To channel the Governor of Texas: "Oops." 

I wonder what he thinks of his bi-weekly employers now?

Mistress did mention that she had been in touch with her two lovers while on the road.

Jay is the first string. I suspect he will be anxious to see her on her return as well.

And adding some depth to the roster is K.

"K has been in touch too Slave. He says he wants to see me again this week."

I guess he's the "next man in" to keep the football metaphor going.

But I suppose someone has to scratch Mistress's cougar itch from time to time. Although she seems to have appreciated a few days off for those inner thigh muscles that were getting so much exercise before she left town.

And speaking of itches, tomorrow is Sunday. I'm thinking after all this alone time for both of us, we may want to revisit "Switch Day".

I'm sure these red cuffs are around somewhere: